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Herbal First Aid

Linda Diane Feldt, Holistic Health Practitioner            


Consider the types of emergencies possible – bug bites, cuts, bruises, broken bones, shock, strains, sprains, diahrea, stomach upset, and more. Herbal first aid can be used as a stand alone remedy, in conjunction with conventional remedies, or until conventional remedies or treatment can be used.

Consider the setting – if you are out in the woods or away from a first aid kit there are remedies that can be used right away. At home, a prepared salve or conventional remedy might make sense.

Consider the time of year – fresh herbs are only available part of the year, and some plants are seasonal in their first aid use. Tinctures, salves, dried herbs, frozen preparations, all have to be ready in advance or purchased.

Having as many options as possible is good, but nothing is as important as being prepared, having a first aid kit in a location that is convenient, and knowing how to use the contents.

A beginning list of 20 herbs, and remedies.

Tumeric or Cayenne Powder (to stop bleeding)

Rescue Remedy (for shock and anxiety)

Elecampagne Tincture (remedy for inhaled toxins)

Arnica Gel (bruising, trauma, tissue damage, painful injuries)

Rumex Crispus Oil (bruising, trauma, pain)

Burdock Leaves or Burdock Oil (for burns and scalds and hot pepper contact, open wounds). Not an antibiotic, be sure and clean wound carefully before using.

Nettle Salve (burns and scalds)

Chickweed Salve (eczema and psoriasis, rashes and injuries needing “cooling”)

Jewel Weed Salve (poison ivy)

Catnip leaf or Yarrow flower tincture or oil (insect repellent) (Yarrow also helpful externally to stop bleeding use fresh leaves)

Comfrey leaves fresh or oil (poultice for cuts, bruises, broken bones)

Flax seed (poultice for slivers, removing foreign objects)

Mint teas (soothe upset stomach)

Applesauce (fresh with peel for diahrea)

Oatmeal ground or plain (rashes, skin irritation)

Ginger root decoction (sinus, cold, sore throat)

Osha Tincture (snake bites, poison ivy)

Calendula Salve (simple cuts, rashes, ruises)

St. John’s Wort Oil (externally for herpes, nerve pain, bruising, sore muscles)

Witch Hazel (astringent, varicose veins, hemmorhoids)

Echinacea Tincture (colds, flu, immune system support)

Plantain leaf fresh, oil, frozen infusion (herpes, bug bites, minor cuts and rashes




Basic homeopathic kit – might include arnica, nux vomica, pulsatilla, rhus tox, apis, chamomilia, silica, symphytum, and more. Suggested reading Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines: Safe and Effective Remedies for You and Your Family, Stephen Cummings, MD, Dana Ullman, MPH



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